Fusion Body Art has developed large containers of the two most popular face paint colours that every painter uses at their job: black and white. Fusion Body Art Prime Strong Black is a top of the line matte black face paint that will glide off your brush like ink providing solid coverage and sharp looking results. Fusion Body Art Prime Strong Black comes in 50gr and 100gr presentation.

Fusion Body Art Prime Paraffin White is our top selling product and has been developed to be a premium white face paint with excellent coverage and brightness. Fusion Prime Paraffin white will allow you to make sharp looking strokes as well as provide you with exquisite coverage when used with a sponge or wide brush. Fusion water activated Prime Paraffin White comes in a 50gr and 90gr presentation.

Because of the extra-large quantity of face paint in these containers, we strongly suggest you use as little water as possible to avoid the paint sucking up too much water and getting soft. Never spray your face paint cakes, always use a slightly wet brush or sponge to load, and it is even best if you try and activate just one area of the cake at the time, so not to get the entire surface of the makeup wet at the same time. Most face painters have excellent results working just with the middle of their cake, creating a little well as they work through the paint. This keeps the water concentrated on the center of the cake allowing the rest to remain nice and dry. If by any chances your cake becomes too soft, let is dry out in a well-ventilated area away from any possible contaminants or allergens. Once it is fully dry you can start to re-use it again. We strongly suggest for you to always have a backup of black and white face paint in the odd case this happens to you. This way you can switch to your backup when needed and allow your other cakes to dry out. Keep in mind that this is more likely to happen with black and white than with other colours because black and white are the ones you use the most at any job, and all white face paints are made with Titanium Dioxide, a pigment that tends to absorb water.