Fusion Body Art 50gr face painting Rainbow Cakes are ideal to create fast yet intricate looking face painting designs with just a few strokes of your brush or sponge. Our range of water activated face painting Rainbow Cakes includes some incredible color combinations that are perfect for mermaid looks, princess crowns, butterflies and more! If you have not used Fusion Rainbow Cakes before then you are missing out! These outstanding multicolored face paint cakes allow you to create very fast and colourful designs in just a few minutes. You can use our Fusion Body Art Petal Sponges to create quick butterfly like designs by loading the sponge on one of our cakes and then pressing the sponge against the face by each eye, adding some line work and done!

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Fusion Body Art Face & FX Rainbow Cakes – Neon Rainbow | 50g

Fusion Body Art Face & FX Rainbow Cakes – Neon Rainbow | 50g

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To use our Fusion Body Art water activated Rainbow Cakes simply get your face painting sponge or brush (if using a brush, then we suggest to use a 1” or ¾” flat or angle brush so that you can grab at least a few colors)  slightly wet and then go over the surface of your rainbow cake back and forward until the face paint on the tip of your sponge or brush has a creamy consistency. If you notice that you have a bit too much water on your cake keep moving the sponge or brush back and forward until the extra water mixes in with the face paint to create that creamy consistency. To avoid colours getting muddy it is best to hold your cake with the stripes running up and down, vertically; that way, any excess water runs down over the stripes instead of across the stripes. Once your face painting sponge or brush is fully loaded go ahead and swipe your it over the skin or area to be painted. Depending on how you move your brush or sponge you can create different kinds of effects and looks.

To remove the face paint of your skin simply use soap and warm water. Using a sponge or soft cloth, add some soap and just a few drops of water (enough to activate the soap) and proceed to gently rub the skin until all pigments have been loosened. Then go ahead and rinse with warm water. Repeat one more time if necessary. If you are left with any stains then use some lotion or baby oil, let it set for a few minutes and wipe off. If you are still left with some pigmentation on your skin, wait until the next day. Normal sweat and skin shedding through the night should take care of it.