Fusion Body Art Product Review – Neon / UV FX Paint Colours

In this blog post we will go over each one of Fusion Body Art UV/Neon FX paint colours, their properties, the way they look under regular and black light.

In this blog post we will go over each one of Fusion Body Art UV/Neon FX paint colours, their properties, the way they look under regular and black light, how easy they are to wash off, how each shade compares to the others, etc. Let’s start first with some basic information about Fusion Body Art UV/Neon colours and then we will go over each one of them.

What are the Ingredients for Fusion Body Art UV/Neon Colours 

The ingredients for Fusion Body Art UV/Neon FX Colours are: Calcium Carbonate, Acacia Senegal Gum, Glycerin, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, PEG-32, Water (Aqua), may contain: Iron Oxides (1332-37-2)(CI77491), Titanium Dioxide (CI77891), FD&C Yellow 5 (CI19140), FD&C Red 40 (CI16035), FD&C Blue 1 (CI42090), Ultramarines (CI77007), D&C Red 7(CI15850), Mica (CI77019), Aluminum Powder (CI 77000) and non-toxic fluorescent pigments. Made in China.

What is the Overall Consistency of Fusion Body Art UV/Neon FX Paints  

Although consistency can vary by colour and by how long the paint has been sitting in your kit, or how often it is used, in general Fusion Body Art UV/Neon FX colours tend to have a slightly dry clay like consistency. During the winter months, because the air is dry and heaters are on, they tend to dry out a bit and become more brittle. Once humidity in the air goes up and you start using your paints, they will go back to being a bit softer again, although with time all paints tend to get harder and harder, which is not an issue so long you don’t try to re-pot them. Here is a little video we made to show you what the consistency of most Fusion body Art UV/Neon FX paints is when they are fresh out of the factory. Now, we don’t suggest doing this at home since we always recommend keeping your face paints in their original container and to never touch them with your hands to avoid the spread of germs.

What are Fusion Body Art UV/Neon FX Colours Best For 

Some Fusion Body Art UV/Neon FX painting colours are great for line work and base work while others are mostly good for base work and this is why: 

  1. Colours like Neon Pink and Neon Orange are great for line work because their base ingredients and pigments make it so that every line has a crisp finish that doesn’t bleed or fade (so long as it is properly applied).
  2. Colours like Neon Magenta, Neon Purple, Neon White, Neon Green and Neon Yellow are better for base work because they need a thicker application to give you good coverage.

In general, all neon solid colours are better for sponging than brushing. One important thing to note is that Neon White will always look translucent under regular light, no matter what. The pigment is not strong for regular day light, but it will glow bright under black light.

These colours look extra bright under regular light because of their day glow effect, and will also glow under a black light. The brighter and stronger the black light is, the stronger the glow. You can also use them to achieve a chroma depth effect when you layer the colours in the right order. You can also create “breaks” on the colours if working with a black light by using black over areas you want to black out.

Another cool trick is to paint a face using regular face paint and then creating some cool details that only shine under a black light. You just need to go with your neon colours on top of the regular face painting design. This will make the designs change depending on if it is seen under regular light or under a black light.

A word about makeup regulations in different parts of the world and neon/UV colours: in Australia all of these neon paints are considered safe for use on the skin and don’t need to be labeled any different than regular face paints. In the EU and in the USA, the pigments used for these colors have yet to be approved by their cosmetic regulatory agencies. These agencies have not tested them yet for cosmetic use, just like it happens with Henna and regular permanent tattoo inks. Because the agencies have not tested them yet, they need to be labeled as a Special Effect product not intended for cosmetic application. Independent labs have done testing on neon pigments and determined them to be safe for use on skin as face paints. Several face paint brands have been producing these colours for over 30 years and they have been widely used in our industry, with the knowledge of the cosmetic regulatory agencies. In general, when a cosmetics regulatory agency knows of the use of a product for cosmetic purposes and has not yet tested it, but has not banned it either, is because they consider it safe or low risk, and they focus on other issues that could cause a risk to the public. Tattoos and Henna art have gone on for decades and still have no cosmetic approval.

How to Activate Fusion Body Art UV/Neon Face Painting Colours 

To activate Fusion Body Art UV/Neon FX paints all you need is water. Start by dipping about half of the length of your brush’s bristles or the tip of your sponge in the water and wiping any excess water against the edge of your water container to avoid any potential dripping. Once your water load is perfect you can start to rub the brush or sponge against the surface of the cake going back and forward or using a circular motion until you get a nice creamy consistency. That is, it! Keep in mind that neon/UV colours take a bit longer to activate as they tend to be thinner, so getting a creamy consistency will take you longer than with non-neon face paints. Your paint has been activated, now we need to get painting.

You can watch the videos below to see us activating the paint with a brush and with a sponge

Important Tip: don’t spray water directly onto your paints using a spray bottle. It is best to use a moist brush or sponge to activate them instead. Spraying water directly onto your paints can cause them to soften due to over saturation with water.

How to Remove or Wash Off Fusion Body Art Neon/UV FX Paints 

The best way to wash off Fusion Body Art UV/Neon FX paints is using regular soap and water. Grab a sponge or soft cloth, add some water and liquid soap (that is intended for skin use) and gently rub of the paint making sure not to do it too harshly. Then, rinse off with warm water and a clean sponge or cloth. You can repeat these steps twice. If you are still left with some stains, then add some lotion or oil to the area and let it sit for a few minutes and then proceed to washing it off as explained above. If by any chance you still have some stains left, wait until the next day since normal sweating and skin shedding should take care of it.

Keep in mind most Fusion Body Art paints will not come off from some fabrics and other porous surfaces.

Be aware: Different kinds of skin react in their own unique way to each colour, some skin types might get slightly stained by greens, while others might do it with reds, etc. Also, we should mention that different areas of your skin will react differently as well. Areas where your skin is slightly drier, like your hands, will tend to stain more than areas that are usually a bit greasier (like the forehead). Lastly, your fingertips can stain a lot easier than most parts of your body.

It is very important to notice that Fusion Body Art has spent considerable time researching pigments and ingredients to make sure that our face paints and special effects paints are less likely to stain the skin when compared to other brands available on the market. Please understand that nobody can guarantee a stain free experience since it not only depends on the pigments used but also on the skin type of the person getting painted and the removal process, as explained above.

As you can see on the image below, Fusion Body Art FX paints are generally easy to wash off as you can see on the image below. Our model was left without any stains using just soap and water one time.

Fusion Body Art UV / Neon FX Paints – Colours Variations

Fusion Body Art UV / Neon FX Paints – Colours Review  

Now it is time to review each particular colour on it shown, but first, take a look at the swatches below so you can an idea of what the colours look like under regular light (left side of the image) and under a black light (right side of the image).

Fusion Body Art UV / Neon FX White is a very bright color under black light. It will have a bluish/white glow that can be noticed from distance. Even a not very strong black light will make it glow. But, under regular light this colour is very transparent, as you can see on the swatches above. It is not a colour designed to be used under regular light. This is primarily a black light colour.

You can use it over regular face paint to add details to a design that will only be visible under a black light. For example, you can paint a cat face using regular face paints, and then you can go over the line work with some neon/UV white and the line work will glow under the black light and the rest of the designs will almost look black.

Fusion Body Art Neon UV / FX Yellow is a super bright yellow. It works best with a sponge although good coverage can be achieved with a flat brush if you go over it a few times. It is not best for line work given that the pigment used is not as opaque when applied with a round brush. This colour will look bright both under regular light and under black light. Use it to brighten up any design, you can even mix it with regular yellow to gain in opacity and get an even brighter look. Because black lights have a slight blue or purple tint to them, the UV Yellow will have a slight green glow to it under a black light.

Fusion Body Art Neon UV / FX Orange is one of the boldest UV colours in the Fusion Body Art FX line. This colour is very opaque and bright under regular light, and even brighter under a black light. If you are looking for boldness, this is your colour. Since UV Orange is so bold, it goes on very well with a sponge or brush and it can also be used for line work given its high pigmentation.

If you are looking for a REALLY bright green, then you should try Fusion Body Art UV / Neon FX Green, it doesn’t get any brighter than that! This colour looks insanely bright under regular light due to its day glow properties, and it also has a nice brightness under a black light. Use it to give your monsters, lizards, jungle and tropical inspired designs an extra level of glow. This colour is best applied with a sponge. If you choose to apply it with a brush please note that for a regular light look you might need a few layers in order for it to look opaque enough. For black light, one stroke is more than enough!

One of the most recent releases from the Fusion Neon Range is the Fusion Body Art UV / Neon FX Magenta. Although we decided to call it magenta because we already had a neon pink our line, we would say that it looks more like a very bright cotton candy or bubble gum pink than a strong magenta. This is a beautiful bright pink under regular day light, and an awesomely bright pink under the black light effect. As it happens with other UV colours, it performs at its best when used with a sponge. If you choose to you a brush, make sure you go over it a few times if you want to get an opaque look under regular day light. For black light use, just one stroke will do it. This UV Magenta will make your princess crowns, hearts and unicorn’s glow like never before!

Fusion Body Art UV / Neon FX Pink is a deep yet bright shade of pink. It is hard to explain or put it in words but once you see it you will know what we are talking about. It is a very opaque colour that can be used with a brush or a sponge, for base work or line work. It looks very bold under regular day light and it has a super bold glow under black light. Along with the orange, this is one of the most glowing UV colours in the Fusion Body Art FX range. Add it to floral designs, unicorns, princesses or even super heroes and make them glow!

Last, but not least, Fusion Body Art UV / Neon FX Violet is a very vibrant purple colour under regular light. It is designed to be used with a sponge although you can use it with a brush if you go over it a few times. Under a black light this is the least glowing of all of the UV colours but it for sure has a noticeable glow, mostly if you are using a high quality strong black light. Once under the black light effect it will look more like a dark blue than it will purple, due to the effects of the black light. We love to add UV Purple to Butterflies or tropical scenes mixed with some yellow or pink.

What Other Effects Can I Achieve Using Fusion Body Art FX UV / Neon Paints  

Fusion Body Art FX UV / Neon paints are really fun to use and there are a lot of cool different things that you can do with them. As you can see on the image below, you can do line work with black on top of your UV colours and then once exposed to the black light that line work will look like negative space; it won’t glow. Meaning, you can “cut” out shapes using your strong black face paint from Fusion. You can also stencil over it using black face paint to create awesome looking patterns.

Black Colour Painting

Use a very dry sponge with some black face paint on it and create a dry blending effect.

Layer your colours to create what is called a chroma depth effect. Cool colours like blue, white and purple will look further away under a black light, while warm colours like yellow, orange and pink will look closer to the eye. Green is an in the middle colour. So, if you make a design like a skull face and you want the eyes of the skull to look like they are popping out of It, make your skull in purple or white, and then apply the eyes with pink, magenta or orange, and this way under a black light the eyes will look like they are floating in front of the skull.

We hope you liked our review of Fusion Body Art UV / Neon FX Colours, and that you will give them a try soon, if you haven’t yet!

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Thank you so much for reading and have fun face painting!

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