Fairy Face Paint Design | Design by Natalia Kirillova | Step by Step

Learn how to Face Paint Fairy Designs | Face Painting Design by Natalia Kirillova Easy step by step

1) The first step is to draw a butterfly's wing.
Load the sponge into the Pretty In Pink split cake from the Leanne's Happy Pixie - Petal Palette. Keep the white colour inside the eye, the deep magenta to the outside.

2) Then use an angle brush to draw patterns on the butterfly's wing using Sweet Dreams Butterfly split cake from the Leanne's Happy Pixie - Petal Palette. I use the darkest shades on the brush, from deep magenta to pink. Next, I load the sponge into the same split cake and take some blue. Using a Diva Face Painting Stencil - Fairy #8, I transfer the Fairy figure to the edge of the butterfly's wing in such a way that the wings slightly cover part of the drawing. If you don't have the same stencil, you can take any other one with the fairy or draw it yourself. I add blue to put on the fairy wings to create the effect of transparency.


3) Then, using a wide flat or angle brush, I use yellow, blue and light purple shades and draw lines, as shown in the photo. 1-we draw a line from the corner of the eye up, 2-this is the continuation of the first line, it is directed to the head of the fairy for the harmony of the drawing in order for the drawing to be connected between the elements. 3 line leads down, in the direction of the focal point at the chin. I added the same colour to the butterfly's wing a little, so that the drawing looks complete. The next step is to outline the Fairy using any thin brush, first I take the dark colour, then create a white outline on top, so that the figure of the Fairy is as visible as possible from far.


4) I add a Prime Paraffin White  to outline for the butterfly's wing and internal elements, and draw several petals next to the eyes in the double-dip technique. On the cheek, draw a flower in the same technique, so that it closes the edge of the previous blue lines. To decorate the drawing, we use tears, dots and sparks, as shown in the photo. Thanks to these elements, the drawing looks more interesting and fabulous. It remains only to paint the lips and add sequins if desired.
I will be happy to see your versions of this bright fairy face paint drawing :)  Leanne's Happy Pixie - Petal Palette is very bright and at the same time has delicate shades, suitable for beautiful butterflies, flower fairies, dolphins and mermaids, you can use it for any design ideas.

Materials I used:
Leanne's Happy Pixie - Petal Palette
Fusion Body Art Face Paint – Prime Paraffin White
- Diva Face Painting Stencil - Fairy #8
- Medium-sized corner brush
- Round thin brush
- Round brush 2

My name is Natalia, I live and work in Russia, the city of Yaroslavl. I have won many face painting contests and now I want to teach you how to create beautiful drawings on faces. The most beautiful thing when you show your child the finished picture to see his shining smile.

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