Fusion Body Art Product Review – Prime Face Paint Colours

In this blog post we will go over each one of Fusion Body Art Prime face paint colours, their properties, the way they look on skin

In this blog post we will go over each one of Fusion Body Art Prime face paint colours, their properties, the way they look on skin, how easy they are to wash off, how each shade compares to the others, etc.

Let’s start first with some basic information about Fusion Body Art Prime colours and then we will go over each one of them.

What are the Ingredients for Fusion Body Art Prime Colours 

Fusion Body Art has two kinds of Prime colours, an Acacia Senegal Gum based line and a Paraffin Wax based line.

  • For the Paraffin face paint Line, the ingredients are: Calcium Carbonate, Acacia Senegal Gum, Paraffin, Petrolatum, Glycerin, Stearyl Alcohol, Sodium Benzoate, Dextrin, Water (Aqua), Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, may contain: +/- Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Mica (CI 77019), D&C Red 6 (CI 15850:2), FD&C Blue1 (CI 42090:1), D&C Red 7 (CI 15850:1), Manganese violet (CI 77742), D&C Yellow 6 (CI 15985:1), D&C Green 5 (CI 61570), D&C Yellow 10 (CI 47005:1), Zinc Oxide (CI 77947), Bismuth Oxychloride (CI 77163). Conforms to (EC) No. 1223/2009. FDA and EU Compliant.
  • For the Acacia Senegal Gum based face paint line, the ingredients are: Calcium Carbonate, Acacia Senegal Gum, Glycerin, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, PEG-32, Water (Aqua), may contain: Iron Oxides (1332-37-2)(CI77491), Titanium Dioxide (CI77891), FD&C Yellow 5 (CI19140), FD&C Red 40 (CI16035), FD&C Blue 1 (CI42090), Ultramarines (CI77007), D&C Red 7(CI15850), Mica (CI77019), Aluminum Powder (CI 77000) Conforms to (EC) No. 1223/2009. FDA and EU Compliant.

Both kinds of paint behave almost the same way, but since most professional face painters prefer a white made from paraffin wax, we took the time and effort to create not only one, but two different paraffin wax-based whites, plus our regular Acacia Senegal Gum based white.

What is the Overall Consistency of Fusion Body Art Prime Face Paints  

Although consistency can vary by colour and by how long the face paint has been sitting in your kit, or how often it is used, in general Fusion Body Art Prime colours tend to have a clay like consistency. During the winter months, because the air is dry and heaters are on, they can tend to dry out a bit and become more brittle. Once humidity levels rise and you start using your paints, they will go back to being softer again. Here is a little video we made to show you what the consistency of most of our Prime face paints when they are fresh out of the factory. Now, we don’t suggest doing this at home since we always recommend keeping your face paints in their original container and to never touch them with your hands to avoid the spread of germs. But we sacrificed this one just to show you what it looks like.

What are Fusion Body Art Prime Colours Best For  

Fusion Body Art Prime face painting colours are great for line work and base work and this is why:

  1. They are great for line work because unlike other face paints made with a glycerin or oil base, their base ingredients make it so that every line has a crisp finish that doesn’t bleed or fade (so long it is properly applied).
  2. Fusion Body Art face paints are also great for base work because its base formula is still nice and flexible, and provides a very solid coverage with just one layer, which means you can apply a base really fast that won’t crack like it would happen with lower quality face paints. The Paraffin whites are a bit thicker, so if you use them as a base make sure to apply a very thin coat. They are highly pigmented so a thin coat will do just fine.

How to Activate Fusion Body Art Prime Face Painting Colours  

To activate Fusion Body Art Prime face paints all you need is water. You can start by dipping the very tip of your face painting brush or sponge in the water and wiping any excess water against the edge of your water container to avoid any potential dripping. Once your water load is perfect you can start to rub the brush or sponge against the surface of the makeup going back and forward or using a circular motion until you get a nice creamy consistency. That is, it! Your face paint has been activated, now we need to get painting.

Very Important Tip: never spray water directly onto your face paints using a spray bottle. It is always best to use a moist brush or sponge to activate them. Spraying water directly onto your face paints can cause them soften due to over saturation with water.

How to Remove or Wash Off Fusion Body Art Prime Face Paints  

The best way to wash off Fusion Body Art Prime face paints is using regular soap and water. You can start by getting a very soft sponge or cloth slightly wet and add some soap to it, it can be liquid hand soap or just soap from a regular bar of soap made for the skin (do not use soaps not intended for skin contact). Now, very gently, start rubbing the face paint off. The main goal right now is to lift all of the pigments off the skin, you should not need to rub very hard at all, just a gentle rubbing will do. After that you can go ahead and rinse the face paint with warm water. Make sure to always do the soap part first and then the rinse. If you rinse with water first, before you apply the soap, you might end up with some temporary stains. You can repeat the process twice, always making sure to be gentle so that you don’t hurt the skin.

Keep in Mind: different kinds of skin types react differently to each colour, some skin might get slightly stained by yellows, while others might do it with purples, etc. Also, it is worth noticing that different areas of your skin will react different. Areas where your skin is slightly drier, like your hands, will tend to stain more than areas that are usually a bit greasier (like the forehead). Also, your fingertips can stain a lot easier than most parts of your body.

If after following the steps we outlined above you are still left with some stains, try applying a little bit of lotion or baby oil and let it rest for a few minutes. Then, go ahead and remove the lotion or oil with some soap and water. In the odd case that some faint stains still remain on your skin after this cleanup process, don’t worry, just wait until the next morning since regular sweating and skin shedding will most likely take care of that small issue naturally.

It is very important to notice that Fusion Body Art has spent considerable time researching pigments and base ingredients to make sure that their face paints are less likely to stain when compared to other brands available on the market. Please know though that no one can guarantee a stain free experience since it not only depends on the pigments used but also on the skin type of the person getting painted and the removal process, as explained above.

Fusion Body Art Prime Face Paints – Colours Review  

Now that we know all about these face paints, including what they are made off, how to activate them and how to remove them, let’s go over the different shades of Fusion Body Art Prime face paints and their properties.

In general, all of Fusion Body Art Prime colours have a clay like consistency when in the cake, although as time goes by, if the product is not used, it can start to dry out a bit and turn more brittle. In that case, re using it, which adds water back to it will help it become more playable again. Fusion paints are still easy to use, if on the drier end.

What do Fusion Body Art Red, Orange and Yellow Look Like

Now we will go over Fusion Body Art Prime Cardinal Red, Orange Zest and Bright Yellow. You can see on the swatches below what they look like on real skin and what they look like while in the cake. Keep in mind that different monitors might display colours slightly different, but the idea is at least to compare shades with each other.

Fusion Body Art Cardinal Red is a gorgeous true red. It is very bright and bold and it does not have a pink or orange tone to it, it really is a great red for super heroes, Christmas designs, flames and more. Although it is highly pigmented you will see in the picture below that it did not stain the skin of our model.

Fusion Body Art Prime Orange Zest it is a nice shade of Orange with a slight brick tone to it, or earthy tone if you prefer. It is a great shade of orange to paint tiger faces, pumpkins, fall inspired designs and more!

Fusion Body Art Pearl Princess Pink is one of the softest pearl pinks out there, yet it is still pigmented so that it shows up on your skin. It really is the perfect combination of boldness and softness to get a gentle pearly look that will look beautiful as blush, or as a soft background for butterflies, fairies, princesses or even pink kitties or bunnies!

Fusion Body Art Bright Yellow really does not disappoint. It is a true BRIGHT yellow, so bright it almost looks neon! As with all bright yellows, you might need two layers to get a good opacity, but the pay off in brightness is well worth it. Fusion Body Art Prime Bright Yellow is great for making any design pop: add it to your butterflies, tiger faces, flower designs and make them stand out even more.

You can see below an image of the arm painted and what it looked like after we washed it off following the instructions, we provided you with before. No stains were left!

What do Fusion Body Art Purples and Pinks Look Like

Fusion Body Art has a beautiful selection of pinks and purples, going from a really dark purple, Deep Purple, to a nice and bright Pink Sorbet.

Fusion Body Art Prime Deep Purple is a very dark shade of purple, which makes it an ideal colour for outlining. Of course, it can also be used as a base to create designs like super hero masks, or add highlights to black face masks by sponging a bit of it over the black. It is also an amazing color for double dip flowers.

Fusion Body Art Royal Purple is a gorgeous shade of purple; it is bright and happy and is perfect for painting butterflies, flowers, fairy wings, etc. It is a medium shade of purple, very opaque yet bright.

Fusion Body Art Fresh Lilac is one of our favorite colours from the purple gradient as it is a vibrant shade of lilac face paint with a good coverage and a great finish. Use it to add a touch of lilac to your designs and make them brighter, or as a full-on base colour. If you combine it with colours like light blue, pink or yellow you can create a beautiful pastel soft look.

Fusion Body Art Deep Magenta is another beautiful colour for outlining since it is dark enough to stand out. Fusion’s Deep Magenta is also great for adding some shades to your pink based designs rather than using black. Use it with an angle brush to outline the edges of your butterflies for a dramatic effect!

Fusion Body Art Magic Magenta is a very unique shade originally designed by the owners of Fusion Body Art. This beautiful magenta face paint is perfect for just about everything! You can create beautiful flowers, gorgeous butterflies, outstanding looking fairy wings and more! Mix it with some Bright Yellow to get an amazing shade of orange or mix it with Magic Dark Blue to get a breath-taking shade of purple.

The last colour in our list might be last but it certainly isn’t the least! ! Fusion Body Art Pink Sorbet is one of the brightest colours in the Fusion Body Art Prime range. We can guarantee you that you have never seen a non-neon pink as bright as our own Pink Sorbet. We tested several samples of Pink and kept changing the formula until we got it right. This bright shade of pink face paint will make you smile when you lay down your first stroke. Use it for anything and everything! Make your flower designs pop, make your butterfly wings stand out, create princess crowns that can be seen from far away…. the possibilities are endless!

Here is a look at what the arm of our model looked like once we washed of the face paint just one time with soap and water (second image from right to left) and then once we added a bit of lotion to the skin, and then re washed his arm (third image from right to left). Notice how for this model the Pink Sorbet left a faint stain after the first wash by his wrist, but how the stain was gone once we applied lotion and washed it again.

What do Fusion Body Art Blue Shades Look Like

Fusion Body Art has a perfect range of blue shades in their Prime range of face paint colours. It has three beautiful shades of blue plus a nice deep teal. We will go over each one of them but first we want you to take a look at these beauties and enjoy them for a second.

The creators of Fusion Body Art were the ones that came up with this unique shade of blue: Magic Dark Blue . We decided to name this shade Magic because it is truly magical. Although it is hard to see in pictures, when this colour dries on the skin it has an effect comparable to that of blue ink from a pen. It looks blue, but when the light hits it the right way it creates a purple reflection that almost has a metallic look to it. Fusion Magic Dark Blue has been a favorite among face painters to use as an outline colour, or to create super hero masks. This is a highly pigmented colour so when you wash it off you will notice that it spreads fast, but, in general it does not tend to stain.

Fusion Body Art Fresh Blue was another shade that required many trials and errors until we managed to get the perfect shade of blue. We wanted a blue that was vibrant and fresh looking, yet opaque enough that it would not require face painters to go over it ten times to get a solid coverage. Fusion Fresh Blue looks nice and bright even once it has dried, and it is a wonderful shade of blue to use for your super hero masks, your designs inspired by frozen winter looks, or to create water and waves, clouds and more. Really it is just the best middle shade of blue out there, and combined with our dark blue and our light blue you can create almost any shade of blue that you can imagine.

Fusion Body Art Deep Teal is the perfect shade of teal. It is deep enough that it can be used for line work, while at the same time it can be lightened with white face paint to create lighter shades of it. One of the best things about Fusion Deep Teal compared to most teal face paints is that this shade has a very low chance of staining your skin. Use it along with white and other blues and purples to re-create winter and water-based scenes, or mix it with magenta to obtain a beautiful purple, or with bright yellow for interesting shades of green.

Fusion Body Art Light Blue is the perfect mix between a bright light blue and a pastel one. It is right in the middle, making it very versatile. Use it with a sponge to create a soft background for designs inspired by blue skies, or for Easter or winter-based designs. Add some dark blue and white to it and paint icicles, dolphins or waves. You can also make butterfly wings, fairy wings and dresses, flowers and more. Really, any Fusion Body Art colour is good for almost any design, your imagination is the limit.

As you can see on the image below, all of these shades of blues and teal were really easy to wash off from our model’s arm with just one round of soap and water.

What do Fusion Body Art Green Shades Look Like

No face paint line is complete without some green shades and Fusion has developed some of the best green shades you can find in the face paint world.

Let’s take a moment to look at the three different shades of greens that Fusion Body Art has created.

Let’s start with one of the most unique shades of green ever produced: Deep Green.Fusion Body Art Deep Green is an incredible shade of dark green because it has some blue undertones to it. Deep Green is tricky to show off over a computer or phone screen because the color is hard to capture with a camera. Sometimes when it is next to other greens it can look closer to a very dark teal than a dark green. Once you have it in your hands you will be able to appreciate the true beauty of this colour. It is a magical colour to outline fairy garden designs, jungle inspired designs, lizards, monster faces and more. This colour was also first introduced to the face paint world by the creators of Fusion Body Art and it has now become a popular colour between face painters because of how rich and unique it is.

The world of Fusion’s greens is made even better thanks to the introduction of Fusion Body Art Fresh Green . This one shade took over 3 months of trials until it became perfect. Fusion had to have this shade hand mixed by mixing other colours until the right proportions were achieved and then directed the factory to colour match it. Many think that you can just tell a computer to make a shade of face paint for you and a machine will just make it, but it is a lot more of an arts and craft project and manual labor than anything else. Fusion Body Art Fresh Green is, just as its name indicates, Fresh! It has a beautiful and bold coverage while staying vibrant even once it has dried. Fresh green is the perfect shade for leaves, lizards, monsters, jungle gardens, snakes, dragons and everything green! Use some deep green to shade it and some bright yellow to add highlights and you will have a beautiful looking design.

Finally, it is time to talk about Fusion Lime Green . , likely one of the brightest shades of light green face paint you have ever tried. Fusion Lime Green makes any design pop, almost as if it had neon pigments in it (but it doesn’t). Along with some Fresh Green and Deep Green, use Fusion Lime Green to create beautiful garden inspired designs, to make bright monsters and lizard faces, or to re-create some of your favorite green super heroes. We even love using Fusion Lime Green with Bright Yellow and Deep Teal to paint a base for glowing cat faces!

You might be wondering, with all of these beautiful shades of green, how easy are they to wash off? Well, let us tell you, they are really easy to wash off in general! Just take a look at the image below, this was after just one round of soap and water: no pigments to be seen!

What do Fusion Body Art Black, Grey, White and Brown Shades Look Like

We made it to the last of our shades within our Prime range of Fusion Body Art colours. Here we will go over two of the most important shades, black and white, as well as secondary shades that every face painter should have in their kit: grey and brown.

Fusion Body Art is also the team behind this original and very exclusive shade of brown: Henna Brown. No other brand of face paint carries a brown like Fusion Body Art Henna Brown . Fusion’s brown has a small touch of red, making it the perfect shade to imitate the colour of real henna. Artists love this shade of brown face paint when they want to do some henna like art but using just face paint. It is also a great brown for special effects when mixed with red, black or white to create wounds, rashes, old age makeup looks etc. Mix it with a bit of white and create teddy bears, dogs, reindeer and more!

Fusion Body Art’s team also was the first one to bring to the market their very popular Strong Black. Fusion Body Art Strong Black is well known and loved by face painters around the world due to its opacity and flow, and because it is so easy to wash it off. Most black face paints are either easy to wash off but very weak, or they are very nice and opaque but super hard to wash off. Fusion developed the perfect formula so you can have a great looking black face paint that flows off your brush like ink and doesn’t need a second load, or that can be used with a sponge to cover an entire face without fearing that it would be hard to remove. Use Fusion’s Strong Black to outline every design, to add shadows to your designs using a dry brush technique, or as a base for super hero masks, animals and more!

Fusion Body Art Shady Gray is just a beautiful light shade of grey, perfect for face painting designs like statues, monsters, zombies, bunnies and more. Mix it with a bit of strong black to make it darker or add some white to make it even lighter.

Fusion Body Art has spent a considerable amount of time, research and money to create the perfect white face paint. Through their research they developed three different kinds of white, mainly so they can offer different properties and also a different price range depending on the budget of those investing in it.

Fusion Body Art Pro Paraffin White is our latest creation. Using the finest paraffin wax from Japan along with the purest white pigment manufactured right in Australia, Fusion created the ultimate white based in brightness, opacity and overall performance for base and line work. This white is the result of over a year of work, and it can perform as good or even better as the best white face paint currently available in our industry. This white face paint will give you precise looking brush strokes which makes it perfect for adding details to your designs, and it is ultra-pigmented formula will help it stay bright and opaque even once it has dried. It is also great for base work because of how bold and opaque it is, but make sure to only use a thin layer. If you put too much of this white on the skin it can make the skin feel a bit tight given the amount of pigment in it.

Fusion Body Art Paraffin White is another great white. This one uses the same paraffin wax as our PRO version, but a different pigment that is not as bright as the Pro version but still a really good overall white face paint with great performance, at a slightly lower cost than the PRO version. Fusion Paraffin White can also be used for line work, base work, to add details and highlights and to mix it in with other colours and make them lighter.

The first white that Fusion created was Fusion Prime White , this white has a different base than the other two white face paints mentioned above. This one has an Acacia Senegal Gum base rather than a paraffin wax base. Although they are similar, this one tends to feel a bit lighter on the skin, and it is not as pigmented as the other two. It makes it the perfect choice when looking to cover large areas of the skin but wanting a lighter feeling product. Its pigment tends to have a truer white look to it, almost going towards a blue kind of light, while the other ones have a bit more off an off-white look to the, going towards a more yellow kind of light.

As you can see on the image below, all of the colours, including the Strong Black came off really easy with just one wash.

We have now covered the entire range of Fusion Body Art Prime Face Painting Colours and we hope that you now have a better idea of what you can do with these beautiful colours.

We have now gone overIf you still have any questions or doubts, please feel free to contact us using our Contact Us page and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Thank you so much for reading and have fun face painting!

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